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Welcome to the Ritmeister's Past Life memory archive.

This website contains past life memories from several individuals some of which have multiple recollections.  These are not fictional tales made up to entertain, but real life memory recall that come in various forms.

Those of us who have shared our recollections understand how past life memory recall can be helpful or a hindrance in our present day life.  It can make us strong and sometimes weak and even a bit eccentric, but we are a combination of the sum of our experiences past and present and once one learns to understand that one can start to adjust to a situation that is not considered normal by modern standards, one can lead a well adjusted life with a bit of extra experience.

During these past 16 years I have observed a change in attitude towards things that are considered outside of the norm such as ghosts, metaphysical healing, and telepathic communication with others.  We are in an age where Humans are struggling to strive towards technological advancement and the wish to retain the spiritual part of our being.  When we learn how to balance both of these aspects in our lives, we, as Humans, will live better lives filled with a broader understanding of ourselves as well as the universe.


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